My Top 7 Internet Marketing Courses That I’ve Benefited From

Hello, this is Stefan from projectlifemastery. com and in this video, I'm going to share my top seven Internet marketing courses that I've been through and have benefited from throughout my business career as an internet marketer. Now, I actually recently got the question of what are the top Internet marketing books that you'd recommend and I actually already did a video blog on the top four Internet marketing books that I'd recommend a few years ago on my YouTube channel.

If you're curious about that, you guys can do a search and find that on my YouTube channel but when I thought about it, I actually realized, I don't really read a lot of Internet marketing books. The reason for that is a lot of Internet marketing books that are out there are just more general about Internet marketing and about the mindset and some motivation, and it doesn't really go into a specific strategy. I found books are good just for motivation and maybe share a little bit of business or marketing concepts but they don't really go deep enough into specific strategies or concepts that can really help you grow your business. While I've read a few Internet marketing books and there's actually not that many that are out there, I actually prefer online courses and programs that go deep into a certain subject that can help me based on where I'm at with my business.

Some of the courses that I'm going to share with you, guys some of them might not really benefit you based on where you're at or the business that you're in but these are courses that have benefited me personally throughout my throughout my journey as an Internet marketer and in business. Keep in mind, I started Internet marketing, I mean, I started business about eight or nine years ago and Internet marketing maybe two years after that. A lot of the courses I'm sharing with you, I don't know if they're still around, if they're still relevant and if they're still good so you're going to have to do some research on that. Some of the courses that I invest in and buy now are more based on specific strategies that I want to learn or utilize in my business.

For example, if I want to learn about Facebook marketing, then I'm going to find the best course that's available on that, invest in that and that will help just on the subject of Facebook marketing. A lot of the courses I invest in are based on specific things like that. That's why some of these might not be totally relevant for you but nonetheless, I'll share them with you guys and share my experience with them, how they'd helped me and you can decide for yourself if they're worth looking into and checking out for yourself. The first one that I have here is one called Altitude by Eben Pagan.

This was one of the very first online courses that I invested in. It was actually a DVD course and I think the website for it is getaltitude. com, but I'm not entirely sure. I'll provide some links below for you guys as well.

Eben Pagan is a very successful online marketer. He's built multiple multi-million dollar internet businesses in different niches. His very first one was in a dating market for men. In fact, when I was 17 or 18 years old, I got his eBook called Double Your Dating.

At that time, he was publishing under the pen name of David DeAngelo. If you're a guy watching this and you know about dating and stuff and you'll probably recognize that name because he obliterated the Internet with his dating eBooks and products and everything. I really enjoyed it and got a lot of benefits for especially being 17, 18 years old going through some of these eBooks that he had. He had different video series and it really impacted me greatly in my life at the time with my confidence, my social skills and dating experiences.

What happened was Eben Pagan, he had a lot of success, built a multi-million dollar business in the dating market and then he got into some other niches as well. At a certain point, he started sharing his Internet marketing skills and business skills and put together different online training courses. I think one of his very first ones was one called Altitude. I think it's still available for sale today.

Like I said, I think the website is getaltitude. com, but I'll provide a link. Altitude was really great because it really opened me up more to the idea of online marketing and how to build a business online. It's not a very specific course that goes into like a certain method of making money online, but it covers a lot of general business and marketing skills like how to come up with a headline and how to come up with a name of a company or a logo and just the marketing science behind a lot of these things, most of which actually that at the time because I was brand new to business and marketing.

I didn't really understand or it wasn't directly applicable to me at the time but I'm really grateful today for that program and what I learned from it because it really set me on the path of learning about business and online marketing. Some of the little things that I've learned from that, I think, have benefited me today. Sometimes when you invest in the course, you'd only see the full benefit of that course until several leap years later. I'm sure there are certain things I've learned from that .

. . Several things I've learned from that, that are just part of me now and part of my philosophy and mindset that I'm really grateful for. That would be one of my top ones, Get Altitude.

The next one that I have is one called The New Money Masters by Tony Robbins. I remember when it first came out, I definitely got my hands on it because I'm a huge Tony Robbins fan, as many of you guys know. He's really impacted my life and so when I discovered that Tony Robbins was going to be interviewing in a video series the top Internet marketers out there. That really had an impact on me because here is someone that I looked up to immensely, Tony Robbins, who is generally a self-help guy who is endorsing and introducing his followers and community to the concept of online marketing and really promoting it.

That gave me a lot of belief in Internet marketing and building an online business because if my mentor, Tony Robbins, was endorsing it, then I knew that it was something that was for me that I had to get into and take advantage of. The New Money Masters is basically a monthly video series where every single month, Tony Robbins would release a video where he interviewed the top Internet marketer. The very first one was a marketer named Frank Kern who I'm pretty familiar with. He is known for doing the biggest product launches on the history of the internet.

I think he holds the record for that. I think one of his was $24 million he's made in, I think, a day or a week, launching different products. He was one of the videos and other one was actually Eben Pagan. Another one was Russell Brunson.

He was another great online marketer that I've learned from. Another one was John Reese and Jeff Walker and Mike Koenigs and Dean Jackson. Some of these top marketers that I've learned from since and were introduced to from Tony Robbins was really great because in these hour videos, these interviews where Tony Robbins would interview them, there wasn't really specific step-by-step information but again more mindset and marketing concepts and strategies that really got my mind thinking and racing because I could basically just get some amazing insight from these very successful Internet marketers. I found that I found that invaluable.

That really motivated me. In fact, I still watch some of the videos again and again to this day. I think he released that maybe like six years ago, The New Money Masters. You guys can learn more about that just by going to tony Tony robbins.

com. I think he has some available on his website, but those are really, really great videos and a great program that really helped me and benefited me at that time in my life and and still benefits me a lot today. The next one that I have was a program called Bring the Fresh. Bring the Fresh is a program that would teach affiliate marketing and I don't know if it's still around today.

My friend actually is a creator of it, Kelly Felix. I have a good friend of mine, Anthony Trister, who is a very successful Internet marketer. He created a course called Coffee Shop Millionaire. He actually introduced me to Kelly and he said, "You should get his program called Bring the Fresh.

" It basically taught affiliate marketing. I remembered investing in it. I learned a lot about search engine optimization from that course because it basically taught a method of how to create different blogs and publish different blogs on Google with different content and articles on different subjects and then basically ranking those blogs or websites in the search engines and then just recommending different products through them or do some affiliate marketing from that. That course really taught me a lot about affiliate marketing but more so actually about search engine optimization because search engine optimization has been the number one thing that has built my blog projectlifemastery.

com. A lot of the concepts and what I learned about SEO, I learned from that course. It's great for that reason and it just teaches you some different online marketing strategies. I invested in that program, I think, back in 2011.

Actually, since then, I invested in that program and Kelly Felix, the founder of that program is someone that I didn't even know at the time. I've heard of him and I ended up becoming friends with them later on and I talked to him quite a bit today. He's helped me out immensely with my business a few years ago as well. Now, since then, he's created a new program called The Rich Jerk.

I haven't been to that program, but I've heard some good things about that as well. I'm not really sure if Bring the Fresh is still relevant today because search engine optimizations changed a lot since, but nonetheless, that was an amazing program that really helped me at the time to start making some passive income just through affiliate marketing. Next one that I have here is a course called AutoResponder Madness. This is a program I went through in 2013 and this is the program that will benefit you if you already have an email list.

If you're just starting up to online marketing, this program won't really benefit you that much but if you already have an email list, then this will really help you with email marketing and building a relationship with your list. Doing storytelling and engaging people's emotions through your writing and using open loops and a lot of powerful strategies as well as segmenting your lists and really targeting your lists in certain ways. This is a program that I got. It's by Andre Chaperon and I've actually reached out to him to do an interview and he actually greed to do it but at a later point because he is full and busy right now.

That program really taught me a lot about email marketing. I remember I spent so much time creating my email autoresponder series because of that course several months in fact. In fact, back in 2013, that was one of my goals that you guys can look back on at one of the goals that I had but that was a great program. If you want to know more about email marketing, I think Andre Chaperon, Autoresponder Madness.

This is one of the best courses for that. The next one that I have here is one called the Underachiever's Method. This is a program that is really, really old. It's from Frank Kern and John Reese was in it as well and one other fellow, I forget his name.

I went through this as one of Frank Kern's first online courses. He's had many others since then but Underachiever's Method was similar to Bring the Fresh in one way but it basically taught how to create different information products basically. How to create info products in certain niches and then taught about PPC and some SEO stuff and driving traffic to it and in selling those products. To be honest with you, the method isn't really relevant today because PPC and SEO have changed so much since and even since then, the ways to sell products and everything has changed a lot since then as well.

Even though the method isn't relevant, I still learned a lot about Internet marketing. I think that's one of the main thing is that you take from a lot of different courses is whether or not you get any immediate rewards from a course, it doesn't really matter because eventually it benefits you maybe 5 or 10 years later. The concepts of marketing are the same. The concepts of selling are the same.

The concepts of getting traffic and promoting and all that sort of stuff is the same. A lot of the things that I've learned even about finding different niches and markets and analyzing things and scaling up my business and coming up with headlines and copywriting and sales funnels, all these things that I learned from these different courses like this one have really benefited me a lot especially in creating courses today as well. That was a great course that benefited me a lot. Again, it's really, really old.

I don't know if it's still around or not but nonetheless, that was one that benefited me a lot as well. Another one which is more recent last year is called Product Launch Formula and this one by Jeff Walker. Jeff Walker was basically one of the first guys that will teach how to launch a product online. He has been responsible for many seven-figure, even eight-figure product launches on the internet and he has launched various updates of Product Launch Formula.

He still sells his program today. I went through it because in my business, I launched different product, put together a price, you got to launch it as well. Launching a product is almost like similar to launching a movie like you got to build up a lot of hype. You got to get some excitement around it as well.

Oftentimes, you see these movies that are coming out in movie theaters and that they release a trailer and they prepare people for it. They promote it. They market it in different ways. They have some mystery around it.

They use a lot of different marketing things to help really build up the hype and promote something. That's one thing I learned from Jeff Walker is that you don't just want to come up and launch something but you want to do a proper sequence, a proper launch and provide value first. He has a whole strategy around that. This is also a product that might not benefit you if you're brand new to online marketing but if you're someone that has a similar business to me or maybe you've already some products or a list or a YouTube channel you want to launch something, then Product Launch Formula is a really great course that will show you how to do that.

Well, the last one of my top seven is more of a recent one as well that I started going through last year but really two years ago, it's called the Amazing Selling Machine. You guys probably heard about it. It's now become a number one online marketing course of all time with the most success stories. People, it changed their lives, helping them build a seven or eight-figure business selling on Amazon.

I wanted to get into selling on Amazon about two years ago because it was just hot opportunity that I kept hearing about constantly. So many of my friends were getting involved in it. Some of the top marketers were getting involved in it. I was looking for a way to diversify my income from Kindle Publishing.

I wanted to try to something new. I already had a lot of experience with Amazon so it made sense. The business model made sense. My girlfriend is looking to get into online marketing and she got Kindle Publishing and is making money from that but also was attracted to selling physical products on the Amazon as well.

I ended up getting the program and it has been one of the best online marketing programs I've ever been through. It's one of the programs that walks you through step by step, how to do it, how to sell on Amazon and how to private label a product, how to find your product and really has everything you need to succeed in that business. It's created by Matt Clark and Jason Katzenback. It's definitely not a cheap program.

It's more of a high-end program that costs a couple of thousand dollars but more than worth it. They put together a seminar for it, coaching sessions. It's just really, really amazing. That's really helped me kickstart my Amazon business Life Mastery Nutrition and have success with that now and continue to scale it up and I've been really enjoying that business a lot and learned a lot from it.

A lot of the things I've learned has helped me even my Kindle Publishing business and every other business that I have as well because like I said, the concepts of marketing and selling things are the same. Whether you're selling a product on Amazon or selling an info product or selling whatever it might be, learning how to drive traffic, how to promote market, come up with headlines, all those things are really important parts of business. That was probably to round up my lists, one of the top ones I've been through as well that has really helped me with the Amazon side of things. There you have it, guys.

Those are my top 7 Internet marketing courses. There's actually several others that I've invested in and been through based on different areas of business, different strategies. Maybe I'll put together some runner-ups lists on my blog at projectlifemastery. com, some additional courses that can maybe help you based on where you're at if you want to learn about different things.

These are the top ones that have helped me. If there's any top courses that have helped you, I'd love to hear about what they are and what they're about and how they'd helped you. Leave a comment below this video and if you guys want to know more about these programs and maybe some additional ones I might put together, then just go to projectlife mastery. com or click the link below the description.

Head on over to the blog and I'll have a list with this video as well. Thanks for watching, talk to you soon. Hey, this is Stefan and thank you so much for watching this video. If you enjoyed this, then please hit the like button below.

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